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Gen5X is an open-source 5 Axis generatively designed FFF desktop 3D printer. Imagine a world where machines not only have the ability to design and manufacture products, but they can also create their own updates and upgrades, without any human intervention.


Thérrarium is a fully-functioning automatic tea machine, disguised as a whimsical Elvish Town. It automatically dispenses tea, heats up water and brews the perfect cup every single time.


BABOT is a Raspberry-Pi-powered self-balancing robot. Using computer vision and fast servos, it’s able to perfectly balance objects on its surface.


Introducing Skuttlebot, the revolutionary personal robot that can be your pet, friend, entertainer, and assistant all in one. This exciting little yellow robot grew from an online sensation to an idea that could change the way we live. The goal of Skuttlebot can make your life more enjoyable, healthy and give you the help you need to accomplish more.

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DeepDeck is the perfect companion for professionals looking to maximize their productivity. This powerful WiFi-enabled macropad offers a fully customizable lay-out and is designed to enhance workflow efficiency. With its easy-to-use interface, DeepDeck allows users to quickly access their most-used functions, making it the ideal solution for busy professionals.


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Connect with people who love what you do, and grow a community from day one. Your community can help inform product decisions, give feedback, and support you financially to get you off the ground.
Take pre-orders
Once you know what your community loves and how to make that idea happen, you can start to take pre-orders. Your community and newfound fans can contribute to your pre-order goal to ensure you have the funds you need to go into production
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Our team of industry veterans will help you execute your project like a pro. From connecting you with vetted manufacturers to managing your shipping, we'll handle the back-end so you can focus on building a product that delights your fans.


Hi there, I’m George.


After leaving Kickstarter I founded YG, one of the world’s leading performance marketing agencies for crowdfunding creators. We’ve raised close to $20,000,000 across all crowdfunding platforms in the past three years, and now it’s time for a project of our own.


Fantastic Funding allows anyone to use our proven techniques at scale, setting you up for long-term success.


We’re currently onboarding new creators, but we don’t accept every project. Only those with exceptional ideas and dedication make the cut. Does that sound like you?


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