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Fantastic Funding is a new platform for creators who make physical things. With Fantastic Funding, you can launch or support great ideas, from small beginnings to final products.

Here’s the big picture, pitched in two minutes by our founder:

What's the big difference with other platforms?

For starters, Fantastic Funding isn’t crowdfunding. You can either make a donation to a creator, with no expectation of a product in return, or you can pre-order a product, with a legal obligation to receive that product (or get a refund).

Instead of letting a bunch of wild ideas raise funds and hoping for the best, we only allow vetted ideas take actual pre-orders. As a creator on Fantastic Funding, you receive personal support, giving you the best chances of successfully launching a new product or game.

Feature: COmmunity Pages

New ideas start with our Community Pages. This is a page where a creator showcases a project or idea in an early phase, and supporters can make small donations to further the development of the project. In return for financial support, creators can offer digital downloads, exclusive content, and future discounts and perks if the product becomes available for pre-launch. Donations can be either a one-off or recurring weekly/monthly. 

This is a great way to validate early ideas, build a paying community and get feedback before committing to a pre-launch campaign.

Feature: pre-order campaign

Once an idea has a thriving community and a good manufacturing plan, it can be turned into a pre-order campaign. With a pre-order campaign, a minimum funding goal can be set, and once that goal is achieved, the project will become a reality.

A pre-order campaign is different from a crowdfunding campaign, as we expect our creators to deliver within 6 months, and no later than 12 months after taking the pre-orders. As a supporter of a pre-order campaign, you are not asked to waive your consumer rights, and you are entitled to a product or a refund. As a platform, we retain control over the creator’s Stripe account and act as the final arbiter in case of a dispute between supporters and a creator.

Feature: storefront (coming soon)

Creators can sell merch, existing products or continue selling their new products directly on Fantastic Funding. There’s no need to set up a Shopify Store in the early days of a product, everything happens right here.

We'd love to hear from you!

If you have any questions or would like to give feedback, we’d love to hear from you: george@fantasticfunding.com