The raspberry-pi powered balance robot

Johan Link (2001) came up with Babot when he was still in college in his hometown Lausanne. After working on it for two years, he’s now finally ready to launch his self balancing robot.

Project Details

Babot uses a camera to constantly track the position of the ball on the table. It then uses this information to make precise adjustments to the tilt of the table, ensuring that the ball stays within the boundaries of the table at all times. This technology allows Babot to maintain a perfect balance, no matter how the ball lands on it.

BABOT has a Raspberry Pi brain, making it both easy to set up and endlessly customizable. If you already have Raspberry Pi 4, you can use your own, and purchase just the parts, not the brain, to save on your BABOT.

All our code is available on our open source GIT repository. This means you can endlessly customize your BABOT and develop exciting new features. An example would be to manage to modify the code so that two Babots can throw a ball to each other.

BABOT comes as an easy-to-assemble kit, making it a great way for parents and educators to introduce robotics to kids in an accessible and fun way. The only tool you need is a screwdriver!

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What is it for? The main brain of Babot is a Raspberry Pi however it can’t do everything. The custom made PCB is extremely important for three main reasons that are summarized below. The power supply The first use of this PCB is to power the Raspberry Pi. Due to its position in the base of Babot it is easier


How does BABOT work?

Intro Babot is composed of four main organs : a Raspberry Pi 4, a camera, a custom PCB and three servo motors. All of those elements have to work together, each organ has a very specific role and has to do its work at the very right time. The responsiveness of Babot is defined by the computing power of the


Evolution of BABOT prototypes

The prototypes that followed the first one had the intention of connecting the pole that holds the camera to the main base of Babot. In fact, in the first iteration the pole was completely independent which made it very unstable. It had to be on a metallic surface because it was magnets in its base that prevented it from falling.


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