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What is it for? The main brain of Babot is a Raspberry Pi however it can’t do everything. The custom made PCB is extremely important for three main reasons that are summarized below. The power supply The first use of this PCB is to power the Raspberry Pi. Due to its position in the base of Babot it is easierread more

How does BABOT work?

Intro Babot is composed of four main organs : a Raspberry Pi 4, a camera, a custom PCB and three servo motors. All of those elements have to work together, each organ has a very specific role and has to do its work at the very right time. The responsiveness of Babot is defined by the computing power of theread more

How BABOT was born?

The very beginning Back when I was 17 years old, I had to do a high school project that could be about anything. Since I loved robotics and flying things, I first considered building several drones that could fly together to make choreographies. A bit like the illuminated drones that can replace fireworks by making drawings in the sky. Unfortunately,read more