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Evolution of BABOT prototypes

The prototypes that followed the first one had the intention of connecting the pole that holds the camera to the main base of Babot. In fact, in the first iteration the pole was completely independent which made it very unstable. It had to be on a metallic surface because it was magnets in its base that prevented it from more

Modification of the camera’s position

The problem In the first prototypes, the camera was placed at the top of a pole independent from the base of Babot. This location allowed easy recognition of the ball’s position. The camera looked down and the ball appeared to the camera on the white background of the plate. This made the detection of the color of the ball veryread more

Running BABOT with a Raspberry Pi

One of the priorities to improve the first prototype was to get rid of the need to connect Babot to a computer to make it work. Since the position of the ball is detected by a camera, it requires something powerful enough to do computer vision. Using a Raspberry Pi was the perfect solution, it’s relatively simple to use andread more