DeepDeck Ahuyama

OpenSource MacroPad enabling deep productivity

DeepDeck is a product from DeepSea, with many of their engineers involved and with the leadership of Nick Velasquez and Joss Uribe. We create IoT products from idea to mass production and everything in between.

Project Details

Look ma, No wires!

DeepDeck is the perfect companion for professionals looking to maximize their productivity. This powerful Bluetooth & WiFi-enabled macropad offers a fully customizable lay-out and is designed to enhance workflow efficiency. You can even connect it to APIs to get a daily task list from Notion, check your YouTube subscribers and more.

It Just Works

Whether you’re running Mac, WIndows, Linux or even want to connect it to your phone, DeepDeck just works without needing to install additional software. It serves an internal web page for all your settings!

Let's Get Geeky

DeepDeck is ESP32 based, has 4×4 mech keys with hotswaps, RGB LEDs on every key, 2 rotary encoders, USB C connector, LiPo battery connector, 128×64 OLED screen and I2C port for sensor expansion and more.

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