Evolution of BABOT prototypes

The prototypes that followed the first one had the intention of connecting the pole that holds the camera to the main base of Babot. In fact, in the first iteration the pole was completely independent which made it very unstable. It had to be on a metallic surface because it was magnets in its base that prevented it from falling. When moving from V1 to V2, it was also decided to run Babot entirely on a Raspberry Pi. It was required to find a way to place it correctly in the base so that the user could always have an easy access to its main ports. It also turned out to be quite difficult to get the camera cable inside the pole. This is also one of the reasons that will lead to get rid of this pole in the following prototypes.

Later, in order to reduce the size of babot and to make it less fragile, it was decided to place the camera directly in the base of Babot. This required moving the motors to the outside to have enough space in the center of the base to place the camera. In addition to the access to the port of the RaspBerry Pi, a new access was created to change the SD card of Babot easily from the back of the base.

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