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Gen5X A Generatively Designed 5-axis 3D Printer

Ric Real, UK 🇬🇧

Project Details

Gen5X is an open-source 5 Axis generatively designed FFF desktop 3D printer. Our flagship project, Gen5X, is an open-source generatively designed 5-axis 3D printer that can both ‘design and make’ its own parts. This open-source project is just the beginning of our journey, and we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of rapid prototyping and AI with the Generative Machine community.



Generative Design is a process in which a computer algorithm generates multiple design solutions based on a set of constraints and objectives. In the context of self-designing machines, generative design can play a crucial role in enabling these machines to create and improve their own designs

5 axis are better than 3

As you might have noticed, the Gen5X strays from conventional 3-axis machine kinematics to offer an additional pair of rotary axis. Put simply, this is down to 5-axis machines being rather absorbing to watch. Though, there are also other benefits to 5-axis 3D printing, these include:


  • Higher precision and accuracy: The additional axes allow the print head to approach the build platform from different angles more precise control and accuracy.


  • Better surface finish: The extra rotational axes allow for smoother and more controlled movements of the print head.


  • Greater design freedom: 5-axis 3D printing opens up new possibilities by allowing for more complex and intricate shapes to be printed.


  • Improved efficiency: 5-axis 3D printing can reduce the need for additional post-processing or finishing steps, improving efficiency and faster time-to-market for generatively designed parts.

Controls and slicing for 5th axis

Electronics: The Gen5X is powered by an open-source RepRap Duet board & Duex expansion, offering unmatched flexibility and customization for hobbyists and makers. Plus, Duet forums now feature dedicated 5-axis control pages!


Slicing: 5-axis AM slicing software generates complex toolpaths for intricate shapes with 5-axis movement capabilities.


The race for a universal 5-axis AM slicer is on, with Autodesk, Dotx control, and Open5x researchers leading the charge in making it accessible to all.

green by design

Utilize parametric designs to easily adjust machines for new performance objectives or repurpose available spare parts, such as stepper motors, linear bearings, and stainless steel rods. Experience the convenience of creating custom ‘mix-and-match’ machines with just a few clicks.


Introducing Gen5X: A pioneering open-source project for those passionate about computational design, additive manufacturing, and mechanical engineering. By open-sourcing this project, we aim to foster innovation and collaboration within the community.


Join us in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with generative design, 3D printing technology, and artificial intelligence, while maximizing hardware compatibility and reducing electronic waste.

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