Introducing Skuttlebot, the revolutionary personal robot that can be your pet, friend, entertainer, and assistant all in one. This exciting little yellow robot grew from an online sensation to an idea that could change the way we live. The goal of Skuttlebot can make your life more enjoyable, healthy and give you the help you need to accomplish more.

Features at a glance.

World-class engineering

Skuttlebot is being designed leveraging best practices delivered by veterans of SpaceX and Disney Imagineering to create a capable body able to explore your home.

Friendly AI

SkuttleBot will do what you say (most of the time) through voice commands and remote-control action. Each Skuttlebot will be unique to each owner, driven by user controlled personality settings and an instanced AI which will grow and learn based on interactions with its owner.

We are family

SkuttleBot is a project, not a single product. The AI behind Skuttlebot is not constrained to a single body. Rather, it will be able to operate a number of physical bodies, and will integrate with multiple apps as well.

Awesome features

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With every donation comes:

✅ Everything from lower levels

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