What is it for?

The main brain of Babot is a Raspberry Pi however it can’t do everything. The custom made PCB is extremely important for three main reasons that are summarized below.

The power supply

The first use of this PCB is to power the Raspberry Pi. Due to its position in the base of Babot it is easier to power it by its pins rather than by its hard to reach usb-c connector. Moreover the pcb is equipped with two distinct power supply circuits, one is for the Raspberry Pi as seen before and another is dedicated to power the servo motors. By doing this we can be sure to always give a maximum of power to the motors and be sure that they work at their maximum capabilities. 

Control of the servo motors

The second very important function of this PCB is to contain a driver that provides the link between the servo motors and the Raspberry Pi. For example, the Raspberry Pi asks the driver to make motor A turn by x degrees and the driver will generate the right signal to the right motor to make it turn as fast and precisely as possible.

Control of Babot

This pcb is also the link between the user and the Raspberry Pi. It contains a button and a led. I wanted to make things as simple as possible and I wanted to avoid having a lot of buttons and LEDs. This single button allows you to turn Babot on and off but also to switch from one mode to another. Of course as Babot is open source you can modify the use of this button and this LED as you want.

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