A Lord of the Rings inspired Tea Machine

Samuel Gidoin, France 🇫🇷

Project Details

“When you glance at this diorama, you probably see a corner of a beautiful Elven village. The flying buttresses, the sweeping lines, the mossy overgrowth are all exquisitely executed to look like Rivendell out Of Lord of The Rings. When he made this, Samuel Gidoin had that very imagery in mind, but he also had a bigger plan. This quaint village is also an articulated machine that prepares the perfect cup of tea. ” – Caleb Kraft, Make Magazine

Tea from an Elvish town

Thérrarium is a fully-functioning automatic tea machine, disguised as a whimsical Elvish Town. It automatically dispenses tea, heats up water and brews the perfect cup every single time.

Stunning animated details

Every element of Thérrarium moves, sparkles or appears otherwise enchanted. There are no visible screws or wires and everything you see is made from wood or food-safe steel.

Light up the night

Stunning LEDs placed throughout the machine, and even in the high tower, make a beautiful display at night.

Not just pretty

Thérrarium is more than a pretty display, it’s extremely practical, too. With a large tank and ample tea supply space, you can go for days without refilling.

You can put your favorite tea leaves in any of the three tea boxes and select if you want a small or large cup, or even a full pot!

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Depending on your feedback, the machine will be sold as a DIY kit or fully assembled. By joining the project through a small donation, you get exclusive access to downloads and blog updates plus access to Discord to provide feedback to the creator. Thérrarium is a community-led project, so you decide what direction we should take this in!


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✅ Exclusive access to the overhauled module at pre-order stage

✅ Your name or message engraved on the side plate of the machine

    After donating you’ll get instant access to the current 3D model (.stp) + 2D drawings (.dxf) as a download!


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